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Hatta Mountain Safari



A classic mountaineering experience in dessert Safari which will enthrall your senses! This Hatta mountain Safari tour will let you cruise along the margins of Hatta village in order to let you enjoy an experience of sightseeing the prehistoric cenotaphs. You can have few glimpses of the old forts and will enjoy the experience of rolling down on the Hajar Mountains for even joyous experience.

Type of Tour: ½ day tour exhibiting the memorials of ancient times and providing an experience of cruising in dessert in truly Arabian style!

Hatta Mountain SafariTour Includes

  • Trip in comfy, sturdy 4wds, driven by expert drivers trained in desert & off-road driving
  • Red Dunes bashing
  • Heritage Village
  • Scenic drive through Mountainous area, Wadi bashing & visit to Natural water Pools
  • Visit Hatta Fort Hotel
  • Multi location pick-up and drop back on seat sharing basis
  • Highly qualified drivers with professional experience in deserts
  • Insured automobiles with tailored seatbelts, roll bars and first aid box
  • Licensed vehicles
  • Must wear seat belts
  • First aid

Hatta Mountain SafariTour Description

An admirable and truly joyous cross-country Hatta Mountain Safari tour along the precincts of splendid Hajjar Mountains and Wadis for an exceptional afternoon where you are treated with a mouthwatering lunch in the most eye-catching Hatta Fort Hotel unveiling the stunning  mountains in the contextual that are truly picturesque. In order to spend some quality time with friends and family you sure can choose this as an ultimate option to have a joyous experience. A completely enthralling prospect providing you an awesome entertainment rolling on the margins Of Hattamountains. You can truly enjoy the natural scenery of the area representing nature brightly. This is one amazing tour that the tourists should not miss if you are here with an intent to explore nature.

What Will You Explore?

During the course of this nerve-racking Hatta mountain tour you will get to relish extraordinary experience. Starting from Dubai and heading on towards Hatta village this tour is full of various activities and sightseeing objects on the way. You can get to witness in front of your eyes the gigantic Hajjarmountains.  In conjunction with the undulating red sand dunes for an exciting countryside expedition you are tracked by a short halt at the camel rock where you can get a chance to capture the stunning landmarks in your cameras. You also get to explore during the course of Hatta Mountain Safari tour a magnificent fossil rock on your way to Hatta mountain valley. The escapade in its correct intellect begins by succeeding the tracks of dry river beds and gorgeous wadis in the HajarMountains. This Hatta mountain desert tour also offers you an opportunity to dip yourselves in the fabulous cobalt blue river before heading towards the famous Hatta Fort Hotel.

Key Points

Departure Time
Meeting Point

Duration of the Tour: ½ day Tour
Days of operation: Daily
Age: All ages

(Multi-location pick-up and drop back on seat sharing basis)
Cancellation: 01 Day

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